Stejcraft Sport Bowriders

When beauty and comfort meet performance. Stejcraft bowriders are designed to give you and your crew this unforgettable fun day on the water!

Discover the SS55 SD, the only stern drive bowrider built in Australia, the SS58, best selling Stejcraft bowrider with a timeless and seductive design, and the new SS64, packed with all the luxury features you could ever imagine.


A luxury 6.4 metres sport bowrider packed with all the latest marine technologies. The new SS64 is built on the unique Stejcraft 21-degree vee hull for maximum stability and comfort in almost any water conditions.


The SS64 SD is our latest sport bowrider released. Discover the perfect compromise between minimalist design, unbelievable deck space, storage capacity, maximum performance and comfort on the water.


An outboard sport bowrider with a timeless and seductive design. The SS58 is an all-rounded and affordable boat ideal for both relaxing bay side cruises and adrenaline-pumping water sports.


A purebred Australian sport bowrider with a seductive American look & feel. Get the unique feeling of a 200hp stern drive engine and enjoy the impressive speed that not many other sport bowriders under 6 metres can reach.

Discover More StejCraft Boats

Our range is not only limited to the sport bowriders, we also build luxury cruisers and fisherman boats. At Stejcraft, your boating experience is always front of mind and we believe in building boats that make you say wow.

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