Under 6 meters fishing boat with a lockable and spacious cabin.

The Islander 580 Fisherman is an optimised version of the popular 580 DLX for fishing enthusiasts. No more hesitation between a cruiser and a fishing boat! go for the Islander 580 Fisherman and get the best of both worlds! The fisherman includes all the accessories of a sophisticated fishing boat (sonar, fishing rods storage, rocket launcher, etc) and keeps the design and the comfort of a premium cruiser boat. If you plan to go fishing offshore, no problem, the Islander 580 has incredible offshore capabilities.

The retractable roof provides a shelter to protect everyone onboard against sunburns, wind and unexpected showers. And with the lockable cabine you can safely sleep onboard to extend your fishing adventures to a few days.



5.95m 19 ft 5 inch


2.35m7 ft 7 inch

Fuel Capacity

130L34.34 gal

Draft (drive up)

0.4m1 ft 3 inch

Maximum Capacity

800kg1763.7 lbs


19 deg66.2°F

Approx. Boat, Motor & Trailer Weight dry

1550 kg 3417 lbs

Approx. Hull Weight dry

890kg1962 lbs

Approx Storage Length On Trailer

6.4m19 ft

Approx Total Height On Trailer

2.35m7 ft 7 inch

Approx Height On Trailer W/Canopy Up

2.9m9 ft 5 inch

Approx. Bridge Clearance

Approx. Bridge Clearance W/ Canopy Up

2.5m8 ft 2 inch

Person Capacity

7 People At 80kg Per-Person 7 People At 176lbs Per-Person

Load Cary Capacity

800kg1763 lbs

Max Motor HP

150hp111.8 kw

Max Motor Weight

214 kg471 lbs

The Stejcraft quality

While the Islander 580 Fisherman is built with simplicity in mind to keep this boat affordable for everyone, no compromise on quality has been made. The Islander 580 is a real Stejcraft built with the same quality materials and the same production processes as the other boats of the range.

Easy boat to tow 

The Islander 580 is a lightweight and easy overnighter fishing boat to tow. Only requiring a single axle trailer and you won’t need the power of a large 4 wheel drive, as most SUVs will be strong enough to pull it out of the water.

Customise the look of your Stejcraft

At Stejcraft, one of our priorities is to ensure that all boat owners can buy a boat that is totally suitable for them. When you buy a new Stejcraft, you can choose your colours, flooring design, extras and many more. You can add or remove any accessories that you see fit and make your boat perfect for your liking.

Most technically advanced fibreglass boats in Australia

Our signature wood-free construction and composite-molded stringer liner makes the stejcraft boats some of the toughest Australian-built boats in their classes. our hulls have 11 layers of fibreglass working together, and every layer has a purpose: to provide long-lasting shine, prevent blistering, increase stiffness, dampen vibration, reduce weight and add strength.

5-year Stejcraft warranty

Go for a worry-free boating experience! When you buy a new Stejcraft boat, you benefit from one of the finest protection plans in the industry: 5-year warranty on the structural components of the hull and the deck and 1 year on non-structural parts and components.


Are you ready to see how your new Stejcraft boat will look like?
Use our cruiser or bowrider boat configurator to build the Stejcraft of your dream!



Are you ready to see how your new Stejcraft boat will look like?

Use our cruiser or bowrider boat configurator to build the Stejcraft of your dream!

Boat Models: all Islanders (580) and all Monaco (610 & 640)

Boat Models: SS55 SD, SS58, SS64 and SS64 SD

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