Stejcraft True Offshore Boats

Stejcraft boats have incredible offshore capabilities. These boats are a great choice if you plan to go in the ocean on a regular basis.

The Monaco boat range and the SS64 sport bowrider are built on the exclusive Stejcraft 21-degree V-hull for maximum stability, comfort and safety in almost any water conditions.

Monaco 610 DLX

Experience luxury with a full-width semi-open cabin cruiser boat. With maximised free flooring space, the Monaco 610 DLX will never feel too small for your favourite water activities.

Monaco 610 Fisherman

First class fishing boat with a full-width semi-open cabin. The Monaco 610 Fisherman is the perfect combination between the most luxurious cruiser boats ever built by Stejcraft and everything you can expect from the best fishing boats on the market.

Monaco 640 DLX

A luxury overnighter boat under 6.5 metres ideal to discover all the wonders the Australian coast has to offer! Compact enough to be easily carried behind your car to your next holiday destination and big enough to bring you on a week cruise to island-hop in style.

SS64 Bowrider

A luxury 6.4 metres sport bowrider packed with all the latest marine technologies. The new SS64 is built on the unique Stejcraft 21-degree vee hull for maximum stability and comfort in almost any water conditions.

Discover More StejCraft Boats

Our range is not only limited to the offshore boats, we also build stunning sport bowriders and cruiser boats. At Stejcraft, your boating experience is always front of mind and we believe in building boats that make you say wow.


Are you ready to see how your new Stejcraft boat will look like?

Use our cruiser or bowrider boat configurator to build the Stejcraft of your dream!

Boat Models: all Islanders (580) and all Monaco (610 & 640)

Boat Models: SS55 SD, SS58, SS64 and SS64 SD


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