SS64 - Sports Bowrider

Luxury Sport Bowrider By Stejcraft

Get the feeling of a sports car on the water with a lightweight bowrider that can receive up to 225hp. All the latest marine technologies you might need are available on the SS64. This 6.4 metres luxury bowrider is designed with a lot of inboard space for maximum comfort (up to 8 people onboard) and plenty of smart storage all around the boat. For a maximum of safety and stability even if you go offshore, SS64 shares the unique Stejcraft 21-degree V-hull with our flagship cruiser boat, the 640 Monaco.

If you are looking for a luxurious sport bowrider with no compromise between performance, comfort and safety in any water conditions, there is no doubt that the SS64 is the perfect boat for you.

SS64 Specifications


6.47 m21 ft 3 inch


2.45 m8 ft

Fuel Capacity

200 L53 gal

Draft (drive up)

0.5 m1 ft 7 inch

Maximum Capacity

990 kg2,183 lbs



Approx. Boat, Motor & Trailer Weight dry.

1,750 kg3,858 lbs

Approx. Hull
Weight dry

1,020 kg2,249 lbs

Approx Storage Length On Trailer

7.45 m24 ft 5 inch

Approx Total Height On Trailer

2.1m6 ft 11 inch

Approx Height On Trailer W/Canopy Up

2.85 m9 ft 4 inch

Approx. Bridge 

1.80 m5 ft 10 inch

Approx. Bridge Clearance W/ Canopy Up

2.6 m8 ft 6 inch

Person Capacity

8 People at 80 kg Per-Person8 People At 176 lbs Per-Person

Load Cary Capacity

350 kg Of Gear771 lbs Of Gear

Max Motor HP

225 hp225 hp

Max Motor Weight

280 kg617 lbs

All about the WOW factor 

You will not have a day at the boat ramp or on the water without someone admiring the unrivalled beauty of your new SS64. This boat really stands out from the crowd and each component is built using the highest quality materials possible.

Personalise your Stejcraft

At Stejcraft, one of our priorities is to ensure that all boat owners can buy a boat that is totally suitable for them. When you buy a new Stejcraft, you can choose your colours, flooring design, extras and many more. You can add or remove any accessories that you see fit and make your boat perfect for your liking.

Deep hull to handle all water conditions

Most of the bowriders on the market have a shallow hull and they are not really suitable to go offshore or in very choppy water. The SS64 is different! Thanks to the unique Stejcraft 21-degree vee hull, you can safely enjoy your bowrider in almost any water conditions including offshore trips.

Most technically advanced fibreglass boats in Australia

Our signature wood-free construction and composite-moulded stringer liner makes the stejcraft boats some of the toughest Australian-built boats in their classes. our hulls have 11 layers of fibreglass working together, and every layer has a purpose: to provide long-lasting shine, prevent blistering, increase stiffness, dampen vibration, reduce weight and add strength.

5-year Stejcraft warranty

Go for a worry-free boating experience! When you buy a new Stejcraft boat, you benefit from one of the finest protection plans in the industry: 5-year warranty on the structural components of the hull and the deck and 1 year on non-structural parts and components.


Are you ready to see how your new Stejcraft boat will look like?
Use our cruiser or bowrider boat configurator to build the Stejcraft of your dream!



Are you ready to see how your new Stejcraft boat will look like?

Use our cruiser or bowrider boat configurator to build the Stejcraft of your dream!

Boat Models: all Islanders (580) and all Monaco (610 & 640)

Boat Models: SS55 SD, SS58, SS64 and SS64 SD

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