If you have read our recent Stejcraft Business Update blog, you’ll know that plenty of change is happening within the business. We’ve got a new location, a new retail focus, social media channels…

But that is not all! Stejcraft has been providing fantastic flooring solutions for all Stejcraft Boats for over 10 years, we have decided to launch a brand-new extension to the organization. Introducing… HO Industries!

What is H₂O Industries?

HO Industries is a custom flooring solution provider for marine & lifestyle needs. Using EVA/PE foam, HO Industries can help you design, cut, fit, and install a flooring solution that not only looks great, but provides many practical benefits (more on that soon).

HO Industries also offers custom CNC solutions for those who already have a material in need of cutting or designing. With over 10 years of CNC experience, you can be sure that HO Industries will deliver on your design requirements.

What are the benefits of an H₂O Industries flooring solution?

As can be seen from our stunning Stejcraft boats, a PE/EVA foam floor offers a look and feel that is far superior to a standard marine carpet or boat deck. However, the benefits don’t finish there!

  • H₂O Industries flooring is easy to clean and maintain. You can use a hose or simply a bucket of soapy water and you’ll soon have a fresh feeling inside your craft. This means you can spend more time on your boat and less time scrubbing the decks.

  • PE/EVA foam is soft underfoot and non-slip, which means you can comfortably walk around deck barefoot. The softness also helps with any potential injuries from tripping or falling passengers. Nothing ruins a day on the bay like a scraped knee!

  • With so many colour and design options, make your boat stand out! What’s more, H₂O Industries flooring is built to be durable, with UV-resistant material, meaning it will maintain its colour and great visual appeal for years to come.

Why is H₂O Industries separate from Stejcraft Boats?​

Don’t panic, H₂O Industries will still be providing the flooring for Stejcraft Boats as per normal. However, we feel there are so many opportunities for H₂O Industries flooring that goes beyond fitting out Stejcraft boats. From other boat brands, to caravan flooring, even pool houses, there are so many great lifestyle areas that could benefit from H₂O Industries flooring. 

Where can I find H₂O Industries?

H₂O Industries will be sharing a physical location with Stejcraft Boats at 7/328 Brisbane Road, Arundel. The workshop looks out over the Stejcraft Boats retail space, which is quite a nice view!

Online, H₂O Industries can be found at

On Facebook, H₂O Industries can be found here.

On Instagram, H₂O Industries can be found here.

And if you have any immediate questions, please email

Thank you for tuning in! We’d love to hear from you so please visit our website or get in touch via social media. Until next time, happy boating!

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