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SS64 - Sports Bowrider

James Bond levels of luxury.

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As our premium Sports Bowrider, the SS64 is all about wow-factor. With an unrivalled beauty in its design and first-class finishes, the SS64 will have anyone you show it to talking.

Like all Stejcraft Boats, the SS64 is a full fibreglass build. We use 316-grade stainless steel for all fittings and fixtures, from the telescopic transom boarding ladder right through to the cup holders. Inspired by the 6.5m, 21-degree vee hull on the 640 Monaco, the SS64 achieves rock-solid stability and excellent performance.

Packed with additional storage, the SS64 can be as well suited to fishing adventures as it is to luxury cruises. And with plenty of optional dashboard features, the SS64 can soon feel like a luxury sports car. And you can show it off to your friends and family thanks to the eight (8) person carrying-capacity.

Once you see, feel and experience the SS64, we know that you’ll want one. So get in touch with us today to book in for a test-drive! Available from our retail direct office at the Gold Coast, we can create a customised package for you to ensure the SS64 is the perfect partner for your weekend adventures. It’s time to kick-start your elevated boating lifestyle with Stejcraft.

6.47 m
21 ft 3 inch
2.45 m
8 ft
Fuel Capacity
200 L
53 gal
Draft (drive up)
0.5 m
1 ft 7 inch
Maximum Capacity
 990 kg
2,183 lbs
Approx. Boat, Motor & Trailer Weight dry.
1,750 kg
3,858 lbs
Approx. Hull Weight Dry
1,020 kg
2,249 lbs
Approx: Storage Length On Trailer
7.45 m
24 ft 5 inch
Approx: Total Height On Trailer
2.1 m
6 ft 11 inch
Person Capacity
8 People at 80 kg Per-Person
8 People At 176 lbs Per-Person
Load carrying capacity
350 kg Of Gear
771 lbs Of Gear
Max Motor HP
225 hp
225 hp
Max Motor Weight
280 kg
617 lbs